How Regular CBD Use Helps Me Ski Hard and Recover Quicker

As any skiing enthusiast knows, your legs will inevitably be screaming after a long day on the slopes. It's the decisions that follow after you step off the mountain that will either keep you on the hill for the entirety of your trip or will have you stuck in the lodge on day two.

When a good night’s rest doesn’t cut it.

I grew up an athlete and skier in the midwest and have lived the mountain lifestyle in Jackson, Wyoming for the last decade before relocating to Bozeman, Montana last year. Despite making healthy lifestyle choices, I've still had a hard time keeping my legs fresh for multiple days in a row hitting the backcountry. This problem always had me wondering if my body's recovery process was just slower than others, or if I was doing it wrong. 

Now, in my late twenties, after long, hard days of skiing, I try to hydrate, eat a healthy meal, stretch, and get a good night's rest if I know I'm heading back out the next day. Still, my friends would continually be in a better state than me, despite their staying up into the wee hours. This finally sent me searching for a little help with recovery.

Image - Grant Kennedy - Feals

Going down the CBD rabbit hole.

So I went down a research rabbit hole and CBD kept popping up. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, or how it worked I started to dig in.

I was surprised to learn about the long list of CBD’s benefits like reduced pain from exercise, anti-inflammatory properties, and better sleep. I was intrigued. My fears of  "high" were put at ease—there’s nothing psychoactive about CBD. When I searched for a high-quality product, Feals, a new subscription CBD company popped up.

I wake up feeling good.

I started taking about 60 MG of Feals in the evening, just as instructed, either by holding it under my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing or adding it to a hot drink. Within a week, I was getting better quality sleep. I woke up feeling rested. After a few days of heavy, hard skiing with regular Feals use, I noticed I was able to recover more efficiently. My legs don’t ache the way they used to and there’s no groggy morning-after feeling that comes with the use of a sleep aid. I actually wake up feeling good.

Image - Grant Kennedy - Skiing

And while I’m generally the last person to hop onto a wellness trend, I’m a regular CBD user now. In fact, I plan on using Feals daily regardless of ski season or sport. Now, how’s that for an endorsement?

Photography by Della Friedrekson

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