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A better way to feel better.

Helping people manage distraction, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

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A Blissful Unwind

The Gummies

A delicious gummy, microdosed just enough to elevate your busy day with some bliss.

Dial in Your Dose

The Oil

Our best-seller lets you choose the strength that works for you.

On-the-Go Feals

The Mints

Fast-acting mints for whenever you need a quick dose of calm.

Crush the Crash

The Focus Melts

Caffeine-free focus you can feel, powered by Tetracitreneā„¢

Daily Calm

The Calm Bundle

Designed to help you live calm and stress-free. All day, every day.

All Day Calm & Relaxation

The Relax Bundle

Our 3 best-selling products for maximum relaxation & unbeatable savings.