Understanding Dosage vs. Dose When Using CBD Oil

Whether talking about taking over-the-counter medication or taking cannabidiol (CBD) oil, people often incorrectly use the words dose and dosage interchangeably—it’s a simple mistake.

To clear up any confusion, we’ve provided clear definitions of the two terms and examples of dosage vs. dose and some insight into how to find your optimal CBD dose and dosage regimen.

Dose vs. Dosage

A dose refers to a specified amount of a substance taken at one time. On the other hand, dosage implies a regimen of a substance taken over a period of time. In other words, dosage is the pattern in which you take doses—dosage considers quantity, frequency, and circumstances (e.g., with or without food). To provide further clarity on dosage vs. dose, here are a couple of examples:

Over-the-counter medications:
  • Dose: Take 400 mg of ibuprofen.
  • Dosage: Take 400 mg of ibuprofen every four hours with food, as needed.
CBD oil:
  • Dose: Take 30 mg of CBD oil.
  • Dosage: Take 30 mg of CBD oil every morning for one week.

With over-the-counter medications, there are standard recommendations in place for both dose and dosage depending on factors like age, weight, and severity of the ailment you’re treating. 

However, there aren’t any established guidelines for CBD doses or dosages by age, weight, or otherwise. This is because everyone responds differently to CBD and other cannabinoids, and everyone’s perfect dose is unique. It takes a bit of work to find your optimal dose and dosage regimen—but it’s totally worth it once you find your sweet spot!

Determining Your Optimal Dose and Dosage Regimen

If you’re finding your dose isn’t producing the desired effects, don’t just go off-script and double your dose. When it comes to CBD, too much is just as ineffective as too little. We like to use a systematic bell curve approach to help you determine your perfect dose and dosage regimen. Here’s a quick guide to the bell curve approach:

  1. Determine your initial dose. On day one, take this dose and use a journal, noting internal and external factors like how long it took to feel effects, how long the effects lasted, and what time you took your CBD oil. You should even keep track of things like if you ate a lot of fatty foods—fatty foods can actually magnify the effects of certain cannabinoids—or if you had an intense workout.

  2. Once you begin your journey, move up the bell curve by increasing your dose by 10 mg per day. And remember to always take the CBD oil at the same time of day while continuing to write down important details in your journal. When you begin to feel new or different effects, stay at this dose for two to three days before altering again while also continuing to make note of internal and external factors.

  3. Begin moving back down the bell curve by decreasing your dose by 10 mg per day until you’ve honed in on your ideal dose.

Even if you’re a CBD oil pro, we recommend reevaluating your dose and dosage regimen every now and again because it can change over time due to a variety of factors like stressors or changes in weight.

Image - Feals CBD Bottle Dosage

Discover Your Optimal Dose and Dosage Regimen With Feals

Whether you’re new to CBD oil and don’t know where to start or are looking to reevaluate your current CBD oil dose and dosage regimen, we’ve got you covered. At Feals, we aren’t just committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD oil possible, we’re also committed to guiding you every step of the way through your journey towards your healthiest and happiest self.

If you’re not sure what strength and dose of CBD oil are best for you, consider trying our popular 1200 mg CBD oil tincture and adjusting from there or give our CX team a ring! They’re more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about CBD dose and dosage in addition to all things CBD.

We’re committed to wellness and admire your commitment to wellness—if you send your completed journal back to us, we will give you $5 off your next monthly order!

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To learn more about dosage vs. dose or about how to discover your optimal dose, call our CBD hotline at 844-311-9090 or email us at hello@feals.com today.

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