4 Moments to Take CBD During the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? As jolly as the holidays can be, they also bring about a lot of stress, anxious feelings, and demands on your time and energy. But we’re here to tell you that a better holiday season is possible.

Whether you’re dealing with difficult relatives, shipping delays, or a never-ending to-do list, CBD can help calm your mind and ease your stress, so you can simply be present and enjoy the moment. How, you ask? Read on for four perfect moments to take CBD during the holidays.

1. When you find out that gift you ordered two months early isn’t going to make it in time

Back in October you made a list, checked it twice, stuffed your virtual shopping cart full of gifts, and patted yourself on the back for a job well done (“just call me Santa Claus”). But today you got an email, announcing that the just-right gift you found for your impossible-to-shop-for sister-in-law is delayed. Until February. 

Take a deep breath—and then take some CBD. Within minutes, you’ll feel less frantic, less annoyed, and be able to see the situation for what it is: something that’s not only out of your control but also not the end of the world. Maybe you won’t win Sister-in-Law-of-the-Year with your gifting prowess, but let’s be real: She probably won’t notice the difference between the super-thoughtful gift you wanted to get her and the cheese-of-the-month subscription you had to get her. 

2. When you have to gear up for yet another virtual holiday party

You never thought you’d miss awkwardly standing around the office, drinking chardonnay out of a plastic cup and watching your boss get tipsy. But faced with having to dig out a tacky sweater and put up another festive Zoom background, that chardonnay is sounding pretty darn nice. 

Instead of coming up with an excuse to get out of it, try taking CBD about 20 minutes beforehand. It’ll calm your nerves and ease your anxious thoughts, making it easier to sit through another round of The Emoji Game. You’ll be able to smile at Sally-From-the-Fun-Committee’s light-up elf hat, sit through the now-annual holiday decorations slideshow (Tim-From-Finance really went all out this year!), and not want to bail the second you get thrown into a breakout room.

More than that, you’ll be able to appreciate it for what it is—a way to bond with your coworkers during another unusual holiday season.

3. When you can’t sleep because you have a growing credit card bill, a gathering to host, and 51 presents to wrap

You know you need sleep, but every time you lay your head on the pillow, you start thinking about the groceries you still need to buy for your Cookies & Cocoa party, the 500 holiday cards that still need addressing, the end-of-year work project you still need to finish, and the great aunt you still need a present for.

A little CBD before bed can help quiet your mind and stop your racing thoughts. Unlike drinking a glass of wine or turning on a Hallmark movie, CBD can actually help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You’ll wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle your to-do list.

4. When your uncle starts lecturing you about your career choices

Every year, you think it’s going to be different. But once Uncle Harold starts in on that third bourbon, there’s no escaping him. It starts out innocently enough: “So, how’s work going?” But next thing you know he’s droning on about how “scrolling Twitter” isn’t a “real” job and bragging about your cousin’s latest promotion.

This year, take CBD before going into the family festivities. While it won’t keep the jabs from flying, it can help you handle them better. You’ll be able to calmly field questions about your love life and sidestep political arguments without getting worked up. Even your mom’s critical comments (“Do you really need another latke?”) may roll off your back a little easier.

You’ll be better able to enjoy your family—and enjoy the moment. Which is, after all, what the holidays are all about.

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