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For those nagging aches and pains, that underlying sense of dread that comes with mild anxiety, or for sleepless nights, Feals tinctures are a better way to feel better. With just high quality full-spectrum hemp and MCT oil that’s triple tested, you'll feel the difference and finally feel relief from what ails you. We hear it all the time: This stuff actually works.

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All-natural & organic.

Our products are grown with care and hand-harvested by Colorado farmers following organic farming practices.

US Grown Premium

Full-spectrum hemp

Feals is produced using full-spectrum hemp extract containing less than 0.3% THC. Our whole-plant approach means our products contain additional cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the hemp plant for maximum benefit.

100% USDA Organic

MCT oil

MCT oil, a fat-burning, metabolism-revving superfood, is a saturated fatty acid made from coconut oil. We use it as a carrier oil to stabilize and increase the CBD's bioavailability in our products.


Pure & potent.

Our goal is to produce the purest product available. Our extraction process uses pressurized CO2 to pull CBD and other phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant using specially-crafted equipment. The cannabinoids produced are potent and free of chlorophyll and other chemicals.


How do I use Feals?

Feals is not one-size-fits-all, everyone responds to CBD a little differently. We have some usage recommendations for first timers to help you feel like yourself again.

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No secrets here.

Every batch of Feals goes through rigorous testing. Third-party lab tests are available via QR code on every Feals product. Focus your phone camera on the QR code and the results will pop up.

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