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Tranquil Tangerine Gummies

A better way to relax.

No measuring, no guessing, no worries. Treat yourself to the juiciest microdosed Gummies that take the stress away - with no paranoia & no hangover.

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Award-winning flavor, perfect dose

Not your average gummy.

This mildly euphoric treat with a bright & citrusy taste is sure to become your go-to after a long day.

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A gummy for normal (busy) humans.




Takes the edge off

Takes the edge off


Feel in control

Clouds mental clarity


Promotes sound sleep

Disrupts sleep quality


30 calories per serving

80-120 calories per serving


$1.83 per serving

$8+ per serving

Join 100,000+ people who are feeling better.

Plant-based remedies that actually work

Won't make you feel high or paranoid

All natural & organic to keep you healthy

3rd-party lab tested for purity & efficacy

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

This could be you

Happy customer comments.

A healthier way to wind down.

"These gummies are a nice guilt-free treat for grownups. Helps me relax to the point where I ditched my evening glass of wine habit."


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My favorite self-care routine.

"I love the warm and fuzzy feeling these give me, plus they taste tangy and delightful like a tropical vacation!"


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Feel the tension melt away.

"Naturally makes you chill but not too chill. It's just enough to take the edge off of life's everyday stresses and worries for me."


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Mini Microdosing Guide

The Simple Approach

With our perfectly microdosed Gummies, you can choose your desired strength and achieve the exact effect you want.

Take 1 for calm and clarity

After ~30 minutes, you'll feel calm and collected for 3-6 hours.

Take 2 for elevated euphoria

Work your way up to a euphoric evening while maintaining control.

Take 3 for a damn good time

You'll be coasting and cackling while you melt away your worries.

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Find your moment to unwind.

A better way to feel better.

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