Microdosing CBD Oil: What To Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the most versatile CBD products out there—you can easily make small adjustments to how much CBD you’re taking to hone in on that perfect dose. It’s perfect for the trial and error period we all have on our journey for our optimal dose. But what a lot of people don’t know is that CBD oil is also great for microdosing.

If you’re new to microdosing CBD oil or just want to see what the hype is all about, we’ve provided basic information on microdosing CBD oil, including what it is, why it's used, and how to create your own microdosing schedule.

Microdosing CBD Oil: The Basics

You have probably heard about microdosing in the context of psychedelics. However, microdosing CBD oil is a bit different than what you might have in mind. Rather than taking a small amount of a substance at a single time, microdosing CBD oil is a technique that involves taking very small amounts of CBD on a regular schedule throughout the day. 

Because of the frequency at which microdoses are taken, microdosing isn’t ideal for aiding in restful sleep; microdosing is primarily used to reduce mild anxiety and reduce everyday aches and pains

Why Microdose CBD Oil?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to taking CBD oil. Some people prefer to take a single dose at the same time every day, some may use it on an as-needed basis, and others prefer to use microdose.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to microdose CBD oil:

  • Microdosing CBD oil may help determine your optimal total daily dose without having to experiment with a single larger dose each day. Some prefer this method over the tried and true bell curve approach

  • Some people microdose CBD oil to maintain the benefits of CBD throughout the entire day without worrying about it wearing off.

  • Others may microdose full-spectrum CBD oil to give their body a consistent stream of cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, to help their endocannabinoid system begin producing more endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) over time.

  • Microdosing can be a great option for those who are sensitive to larger amounts of CBD oil or those who are worried about overdoing it with one large dose.

  • CBD oil beginners may choose to microdose to better understand the effects of CBD on their bodies.


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Creating Your Microdosing Schedule

CBD microdosing, and dosing in general, is highly individualized—because CBD affects us all differently, your perfect microdosing regimen will be unique. Because there are two overarching reasons for microdosing CBD oil, we’ll provide instructions for both approaches:

  1. Microdosing to spread your current daily dose throughout the day

  2. Microdosing to determine your perfect daily dose

Regardless of the reason for microdosing, you’ll want to pay close attention to the concentration of CBD in your bottle, how many mg of CBD in a drop, and how many mg of CBD per dashed line on the dropper. The bottle itself should indicate how many mg of CBD per drop, mg of CBD per dashed line, and mg of CBD per full dropper.  You may also consider using a CBD journal to take note of how you’re feeling after each microdose while noting any internal and external factors that might be playing a role in how you’re feeling.

1. Microdosing To Spread Your Current Daily Dose Throughout the Day

If you know your perfect daily dose and are looking to spread that amount out throughout the day, just divide your dose by the number of times you would like to take CBD throughout the day. An example of a microdosing schedule for someone who takes 50 mg of CBD per day might look something like this:

  • 8 am: 10 mg of CBD

  • 10 am: 10 mg of CBD

  • 2 pm: 10 mg of CBD

  • 2 pm: 10 mg of CBD

  • 4 pm: 10 mg of CBD

Keep in mind this is just an example and your body is unique—listen to your body and intuition and don’t be afraid to use your first bottle as a trial and error period.

2. Microdosing To Determine Your Perfect Daily Dose

If you’re microdosing to find your perfect dose, you’ll want to start small. Begin with one microdose of 2 mg of CBD in hour one. After the first hour has passed, take 4 mg of CBD. After the second hour has passed, take 6 mg of CBD. Continue increasing by 2 mg every hour until you begin to feel the effects.

If you do not feel the desired effects during your first day, repeat this process the next day while adding 2 mg of CBD oil to each hour’s microdose. After you feel you’ve found your sweet spot, add up the total amount of CBD—this should be your optimal total daily dose. Examples of day one and day two might look something like this:

Day One:

  • 8 am: 2 mg of CBD

  • 9 am: 4 mg of CBD

  • 10 am: 6 mg of CBD

  • 11 am: 8 mg of CBD

  • 12 pm: 10 mg of CBD

(Total daily dose = 30 mg)

Day Two:

  • 8 am: 4 mg of CBD

  • 9 am: 6 mg of CBD

  • 10 am: 8 mg of CBD

  • 11 am: 10 mg of CBD

  • 12 pm: 12 mg of CBD

(Total daily dose = 40 mg)

If you feel you still haven’t found your optimal daily dose through this process, you may consider trying the bell curve approach instead.

Discover Your Relief With Feals

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If you still have questions about microdosing CBD oil or about how to hone in on your sweet spot, our CX team would be more than happy to help you out—just give them a ring or shoot them an email.

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