How To Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief & Management

More and more people are ditching drug store painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications in the hopes that cannabidiol might help (CBD). CBD oil offers a natural, safe, and effective alternative to alleviate and manage everyday aches and pains. 

While our understanding of the role of CBD in pain management continues to grow and evolve as more research is done, CBD experts and researchers believe that the pain-relieving effects are achieved through several interactions and modulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—a network of receptors that supports neuronal activity and plays an important role in the regulation of processes and functions, including sleep, mood, inflammation and pain, and memory.

Let’s take a closer look into how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, how to use CBD oil for pain relief, and potential side effects.

How CBD Works To Alleviate Pain

CBD does not directly alleviate pain—instead, it has the potential to promote a normal inflammatory response in the body. Inflammation can trigger the sensation of pain by activating nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. However, pain is more complex than the activation of nerve cells; it can be affected by several other things such as mood.

There are several reasons for CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Let’s take a look:

  • The ECS can regulate feelings of pain and the inflammatory response, so as CBD can act as a weak activator of endocannabinoid type II receptors (CB2), it affects the inflammatory response.

  • CBD can increase anandamide levels, enhancing CB2 action and therefore reducing the inflammatory response.

How To Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

People look to employ CBD oil for a variety of everyday aches and pains, ranging from menstrual cramps to sore muscles to  arthritis pain. While you may be ready to incorporate CBD oil into your wellness and self-care routine, you may be wondering exactly how to use CBD oil for pain relief and management.

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Let’s talk dose. It’s important to understand that how much CBD you take varies by purpose, whether it’s for aches and pains, mild anxiety, or sleep troubles. In general, a dose that's suited for helping with mild anxiety may be on the lower end while a dose for settling into sleep may be on the higher end, and a dose for soothing aches and pains lies somewhere in between. A CBD dose for aches and pains can range anywhere from 20 to 120 mg. As a general rule of thumb, you might start with 30 mg, assess how you’re feeling, and increase or reduce the dose until you feel the desired effects. 

Everyone’s optimal dose is unique because CBD affects everyone differently. Additionally, at different doses, CBD can act on more than 65 targets in the brain and body. However, not all of these targets are affected at a given dose. This basically means that for a given ailment, every individual will have their unique optimally effective dosage or what CBD experts call the “Goldilocks Zone”.

Manage Expectations

One of the most common issues when taking CBD oil for pain relief and management is not achieving the intended results. The biggest complaint we hear is that CBD oil didn’t work in the way the person had hoped for.

As we talked about earlier, everyone responds differently to CBD because everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system. This may mean you have not yet identified your “Goldilocks Zone” and may need to continue experimenting with your dose until you feel how you expected to feel.

Premium, High-Quality CBD Oil Delivered to Your Doorstep

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Whether you’re new to CBD or are looking to understand how to use CBD oil for pain relief, we’re here to help you feel at your best.

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