How CBD Can Help With the Woes of Travel

Ready or not, travel is back on the table — as well as all the exhilarating ups and downs that come with it. After the last year and a half spent way closer to home, even the most jetset among us are probably a bit rusty, which might make getting back into the swing of things, safely, feel daunting. Thankfully, building out your travel kit with a healthy mix of trip essentials (headphones, eye mask, travel pillow) and guilty pleasures (cozy socks, face mist, snacks, etc.) can make all the difference. Depending on how you look at it, CBD might fall into either category. The way we see it, it’s both: a trusty, highly portable travel companion that helps you in a whole variety of ways, so you can focus on the good stuff. Below, four ways we love using CBD to make the most of travel.

Jetlag & Sleep Regulation

When it’s 3 pm in the place you just traveled from, falling asleep can feel like a tall order. Studies suggest that CBD may help with both dozing off and staying asleep — which is really the name of the game when you’re trying to adjust to new time zones. Our two best tips for showing jetlag who’s boss? Pack your day with plenty of activities (easy enough, right?), and make CBD part of your wind-down ritual. We love taking our preferred dose as we start our nighttime skincare regimen or before a hot shower. By the time it’s time to tuck in, you may find yourself feeling sleepy after all.

Anxiety & Mood

Travel anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, it’s flying jitters, for others, it’s the stress of being in a new place. Some of us are just a little bit anxious all the time. Having shown to be ​​an effective treatment for feelings of anxiousness, CBD can be a welcome support system to take the edge off and have you feeling more present in the moment.

Pain Management

Long hours crammed into planes, trains, and automobiles can leave our bodies feeling jumbled and in need of some TLC. Stretching before long legs of travel is always recommended, but if you’re still left feeling achy, CBD might be just what the doctor ordered.

Ritual Upkeep

Part of the magic of travel is throwing the ordinary out the window and embracing spontaneity. But sometimes, that can leave you feeling scattered, wiped out, or overwhelmed. Maintaining a few of your ‘real life’ rituals — like meditating or taking CBD daily — builds a strong foundation to support all of the exploration and discovery you’ll surely encounter when traveling.

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