As a yoga instructor, CBD helps me find balance and a sense of ease

As a full-time yoga instructor, I do well with routine and am always looking to balance my life through various wellness practices. If it helps ease my mind, I’ll try it. 

You might assume that a yoga teacher always feels balanced. But, a steady yoga practice is only part of what it takes to truly steady the mind, and any fellow teacher knows just how chaotic it can be when you take on teaching full time.

It takes time to find the right balance. When you take the leap, you need to make sure you’re teaching enough hours to pay the bills. The most popular times often being outside 9-5, which means your social and personal life takes a toll. Layer on the time you spend making playlists, building sequences, studying, and reading behind the scenes. The list goes on…

Image - Jaime Hepburn Yoga

CBD as a mood regulator 

I first started taking CBD to help regulate my mood after a panic attack. It was the first time I’d experienced that level of anxiousness as a result of repeated burn out. I was working in overdrive. Things felt unsustainable, so I knew I had to start taking better care of myself.

The truth is, regular yoga practice is only the first step toward taking better care of your mind. A holistic life also involves eating a balanced healthy diet, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. For me, regular CBD use is just another piece of the puzzle. 

"For me, regular CBD use is just another piece of the puzzle."
Image - Jaime Hepburn Feals

When I moved from London to Los Angeles six months ago I fell back into a ‘new teacher’ routine trying to re-establish myself in a new place. I’ll admit some of my wellness routines took a back seat. Just as I thought I’d figured things out, COVID-19 hit. So I started shopping around for a new CBD brand and that’s when I found Feals, a new subscription CBD company. Quickly drawn to their minimal branding, and delighted to learn of their high-quality production and third-party testing methods, I can honestly say Feals has been essential to my well-being.

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Learning to dose based on my needs

I started with about 60 MG, which proved helpful in easing my day-to-day nerves. After some experimentation, I realized that Feals can help improve the quality of my sleep. I take about 80 MG before bed and suddenly there’s no more lying awake replaying the “what ifs” of my day. It’s the perfect dose for a blissful night’s rest. And those aches and muscle soreness that come with a schedule of daily live-streamed classes? No longer. 

For the first time, I feel balanced, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever comes my way.

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