4 Post-Pandemic Moments Where CBD Mints Come in *Really* Handy

You’ve been so excited about getting back to your pre-pandemic life (bars! travel! live music!), but now that it’s finally here, all you want to do is order food and continue to watch your favorite shows.

After more than a year of avoiding human contact and getting even toothpaste delivered, it’s natural to feel some anxiety about the “return to normal.” While it’s totally okay to take things slow, you also don’t want to let fear keep you from doing the things you love.

This is where CBD mints can help. Portable and discreet, they meet you where you are (on a crowded subway, at a networking event), providing quick relief and helping you to relax, so you can just enjoy the moment. And unlike CBD candies, The Mints are sugar-free and contain just nine natural ingredients.

Need more convincing? Here are four moments where CBD mints come in really handy.

1. When you have to make small talk with Kathy-From-Marketing

The great thing about WFH is that you don’t have to make small talk while waiting for your K-Cup to brew. The bad thing about WFH is that you’ve completely forgotten how to make small talk. In fact, those awkward pre-Zoom call moments (“Sooo, how was everyone’s weekend?”) might have made your conversation skills worse.

Instead of Googling “best small talk topics,” take a CBD mint on your commute or as soon as you get to the office. It’ll look (and taste) like you just popped an Altoid, but you’ll get the added benefit of feeling calm and relaxed about 20 minutes later. We can’t guarantee it’ll transform you into a witty conversationalist, but it will relieve your apprehension and help you feel a lot less self-conscious about your rusty social skills (and your breath, for that matter).

"It’ll look (and taste) like you just popped an Altoid, but you’ll get the added benefit of feeling calm and relaxed about 20 minutes later."

2. When you finally rebooked that Tulum vacation

Flying is stressful enough. But when it’s your first time in an airport since COVID, there’s an added layer of feeling anxious about dirty tray tables, being packed in like sardines with complete randos (vaccination status unknown), and that guy in 15C who is currently hacking up a lung. 

You could try to meditate. Or you could just pop a CBD mint. Unlike CBD oils, they don’t take up space in your 3-1-1 bag, and they’re a lot less conspicuous to take when you’re standing in the TSA line. In mere minutes, you’ll feel the stress rolling off. Your anxious thoughts will fade into the background. Instead of worrying about your seatmate with her mask around her chin, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and actually look forward to the adventure ahead.

3. When you swiped yes on a face-to-face, drinks-in-an-actual-bar date

Hot vax summer, here you come. Only you’ve completely forgotten how to interact with strangers, let alone flirt. Whereas FaceTime wine tastings and Netflix Parties once seemed awkward, now meeting someone IRL does. Do we hug? Fist bump? Do I have anything to talk about other than my new kombucha-making hobby? 

Instead of calming yourself down with a pre-date drink, take a CBD mint. You’ll get the relaxed effect you’re looking for, without the risk of being tipsy by round two. You’ll be able to go into the date feeling more like yourself—and less like you haven’t had human contact in a year. Should things go well, you also have the added bonus of minty-fresh breath.

4. When your friend invites you to her girlfriend’s improv show

It seemed like a good idea at the time. See some old friends. Laugh a little. Actually leave your house on a Saturday night. But now it’s here, and you reaaally don’t want to go. Sure, you want to support your friend. But running into people you haven’t seen since 2019 and sitting next to strangers in an enclosed space doesn’t exactly scream “fun.”

We totally get wanting to bail. But if deep down you want to go, try taking a CBD mint while you’re getting ready. It’ll help quiet your spiraling thoughts and remind you of why you said yes in the first place. Your worries will feel less urgent, and you’ll be in a better frame of mind to not only go to the show but actually enjoy it (terrible jokes and all). Pro tip: CBD mints are also shareable, should your friend’s girlfriend need something to calm her pre-show jitters.

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