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How CBD oil helped me turn down the noise

Asking someone if they’re anxious these days is like asking them if they enjoy music or sunsets. Of course they are. For me, and unfortunately most of my friends, feeling anxious is a dull hum that hovers in the background, always there, like emotional tinnitus. Living in NYC, it’s even more of a given. What makes that really problematic—and not just a garden-variety bummer—is that stress is seemingly the cause of all the health problems a person can have. Stomach problems? You’re stressed. Headaches? Stress. Back pain? Try to relax. 

CBD Oil: A Fix for Free-Floating Stress? 

CBD oil can be a handy fix for that free-floating stress, and since I’m extremely DTBH (Down to Bio-Hack), I was looking forward to checking out Feals, a new direct-to-consumer subscription CBD company. I got my Flight, a $20 sample pack of 40, 80, and 160 MG of their CBD and MCT oil  and a bottle of 1200 MG to test while I was at work, in the midst of an exasperating project, and briefly thought about chugging all of it right then.

Thanks to a flooded CBD market, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re getting high-quality stuff, or pesticide-filled goo a dude cooked up in his barn. I was comforted by knowing that Feals works with organic farmers and tests their products with a third-party lab. 

Turning My Anxiety Down a Notch

And since I’m still trying to calculate exactly how much CBD I can ingest before I need to lay down under a gravity blanket and stare at my cats, being able to try out dosages before I committed to a full-size bottle was key. Ultimately, I settled on taking about 60 MG daily and found that it was a fit, even for a regular workday. 

A dose of Feals was like turning down the volume on the anxiety hum. It felt like putting a gravity blanket on top of my brain. After a few days of use, the Feals helped me glide through: a tense conversation with my boss, the ending of Parasite (I’m still recovering psychologically, though), and a subway ride where a fellow passenger was close enough to my face that we could’ve easily kissed on the mouth. 

A dose of Feals was like turning down the volume on the anxiety hum.

Sometimes just seeing Feals’ cheery orange bottle in my medicine cabinet made me feel better, even before I started my Feals drops. I may never silence the hum entirely, but until then, I know what I’ll be using to turn down the volume.

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